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November 23, 2006



sophie, your mushroom lasagna looks so delicious! 2xex-small group leader make me some please!!!

lana :D

mmm mac and cheese.. :D

have you had the best nachoes ever yet? thats what im frantically trying to find. with much success. oh woes!

lana :D



x) i love this blog


hey, i LOVE your blog! and i like this entry... all of my favorite foods too :). martha stewart has a pretty amazing mac and cheese recipe.. i think ti's one of her classics. easy to make and completely yummy.

i think i'll check out the pearl oyster bar sometime. thanks!


speaking of mac n cheese, i had a pretty good one @ limon in SF. it was more like.. a truffle-infused creamy mac n'cheese (not very cheesy)


OMG, I took a similar picture of the In-N-Out burger on one of my trips back to CA too! Hahaha... I guess we both have the same taste!

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